Monday, December 29, 2008

Homeward bound...

Slot 4 ends tomorrow and I will see WIMWI only next year. Going home by the first available train. What a change there has been over this year, a year ago I was worried about where I would be in life and the Sensex was at 20K+.
I have had so many courses over the last 6 months I would be surprised if I can even name all of them. My head feels like a mass of confusion, a smorgasbord of millions of concepts, ideas, cases and formulae. We had so much in accounting yet I feel I haven't learned anything.
Looking forward to this is a full 7 days long. Hopefully I will get some time to sit down and collect my thoughts, make sense of the mad happenings around me over the last 6 months or so.
4 slots, some 15-20 courses, the craziness of summer placements...need a breather.
Looking for a couple of days when I just sit and chill at home before life becomes a little more 'hectic'...maybe I will get bored in these 2 days. If IIMA has taught me anything it is to stretch every minute for what it CAN be worth.
Signing off from WIMWI for year 2008.
See you in 2009, Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ethics for baby Wolverines

As in Snapshots from Hell (from where I've borrowed the title of this blog), IIM A has started a non-credit, pass-fail course on Ethics.
Now 'ethics' isn't something that can or SHOULD be taught, not in the least to B-school students.
The result has been very interesting...lectures on diverse topics by the same profs who teach other more b-school subjects, discussions on these topics with profs by those who find something interesting and an infinite scope for ACP (arbit CP in WIMWI lingo).
Shows how well-read and well-informed the profs are, how much thought they have given to not just their own subjects but the world at large. Puts into perspective the 'general awareness' efforts post CAT results. I am not sure I have the capacity to think about one subject so much and these people have informed views on almost anything under the sun.
I don't think having this course makes anyone more ethical, it just lets you know there is a whole world out there for you to think about.
I'll end with the quote from Snapshots from Hell:
"So, anyway, in this ethics unit I take a few philosophers and in- what is it?- eight classes, I go over three basic ways of making value judgments. That's it. After that you all go off to Wall Street. It's like giving an intellectual life to baby wolverines."

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Status Update

Lots has happened since the last time I posted.
Here are the 'happenings' in no particular order of importance:
1) I turned 25.
2) I got placed, after many rejections, at BRICS securities in Mumbai for their Quantitative Strategies group. I think I am going to love this internship.
3) Gave finishing touches to thesis and made a PPT. Then presented my work at IISc in my thesis defence. Will get the IISc degree. (Yippee!!)
4) Watched in horror and tremendous, blood boiling anger as Mumbai was attacked less than 24 hrs after I had left.(Deserves a longer post but I am in no mood to rant and rave about something for which words fail me).
5) Back at IIMA, this slot seems more relaxed than the previous one with the tension and work for placements gone.
6) Joined a gym to hopefully gain some weight