Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We're halfway through slot 2 and the dreaded 'short' quizzes are in 'short' supply.
Guess there is going to be a lot of them in the business end of the slot.
Olympics are over and India won a gold medal!!
FRA is becoming more interesting and less mechanical...trying to figure out ppl doing FRA-ud is better than trying to figure out where the sheet is unbalanced.
Marketing is something I don't particularly understand but the need for non-linear thinking and Prof. Koshy's exhortation to "zameen pe aa jao" are interesting.
The insights from the class are great...you literally have to get into the customer's head and think like him...something I'm not at all good at.
A gem from his class:
" Whenever you are trying to take an important decision, look in the right place."
Going home this weekend and participating in Nihilanth.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Branded for Life

A t-shirt commonly seen on campus reads:
Having felt the lack of a strong brand behind me for a long time, I am now getting what is probably India's biggest brands behind my name.
The alum network is wonderful, the profs and facilities are great if not world class.
The placements are out of the world, the companies sell themselves to us.
The branding goes to the extent that we get an insti email ID for life...our own connection to this place forever.
We even get our own visiting cards that will have my name, contact details and say
' Student, PGP 2008-2010'.
As always with 'branding' its the initial act of branding that hurts, that burns the skin...it's called PGP-I at IIMA.

Friday, August 1, 2008

EOS1 ( End of slot 1)

This blog was meant to be a 'diary' of sorts for my days in WIMWI...and the rate at which I write it will tell you what kind of work they expect out of us.
Today we had the last classes of the first slot. Midsems from Monday. This slot has screamed past me and I am living on the hope that I have caught something while it has gone.
Its been a complete change from the 'relaxed' lifestyle at IISc...infact the only time I have had good coffee is when I went home a couple of times ( yeah...I managed that!!).
The tuchchas (thats what the seniors are called) say this was the easy part and the pressure will really mount from the next slot. Everytime they talk I can hear them go Muggo Fachchon Muggo silently.
I am down to an average of 5 hrs of sleep a day. So much has changed since I left IISc abt 6 weeks ago...my lingo has gone from spikes and splines, DWT and CWT to WAC and ME, FRA and ID to DC++ and DBab.
By the end of this year I guess I will agree with Peter Robinson when he says "If someone told me I would have to repeat first year at B-school, I'd do just one thing. Get on my knees and beg for mercy!"
I knew what I was getting myself into and I intend to make full use of the opportunities WIMWI presents. I will never complain about the workload no matter how inhuman it gets...and I will try to update this blog as frequently as I can.
Signing off!!