Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Weeks 1 to 3.5

Been here almost 4 weeks now...quizzes happening with tremendous regularity.
Extra-currics too starting now...soon there will be no time to stand and stare.
News of PPOs and very lucrative internships, exchange programmes with some of the best B-schools in the world lure me everyday. The lack of sleep (I am down to an avg of 5 hrs a night) is hitting slowly...very soon we will be beyond it all.
The slot is moving at break-neck speed and will be over by the time we realize what just hit us. Then the super packed slots 2-5 along with T-Nites, Conflu, Chaos and the big daddy of them all...SUMMERS!!
Have been trying to come to terms with all that is happening around me and inside me. A lot has changed and not all changes are nice.
Read this line in the blog of a super-super tucchi..."The problem with dealing with yourself is that you can see through all your excuses." How true!!
Assuming there are 6 slots of 6 weeks each...I am already through with 10% of fachchadom.