Friday, October 31, 2008

Ding dong...

You make a resume with all the "relevant" "achievements" of your life. You go through endless
revisions, trying to get maximum impact into each word, stretching the truth to as far as it will go (or your CV checker will let it), you fill every CV relate religiously.
You sell yourself to every company through your SOP-story, you pretty much cover your entire life in the cover letter...and what do you get:
Most of us 'normal' people here are suffering from this, wonder what the abnormal ones did to be abnormal.
Wondering when this will end!


Aditi said...

even i am working on my resume. I have to Innovate, Initiate, Assess, Execute & otherwise navigate my way through the jungle of Action Verbs - so that I sell to people.Every action in the last few years is looked at, commented upon, evaluated back and forth so often that I wonder whether my entire existence was to stand in good stead on 2 A4 sheets.

I never felt so sold before.
nice blog there :)

Bastet said...

True. Each resume, cover letter, sop has to scream out "I am the best, hire me hire me" and, it does hurt our ego that we have to put so much effort into marketing ourselves. But, sadly, that's the way things stand. Hope that soon one of the Dings becomes a Yippee! :) All the best!