Saturday, February 14, 2009


Things have been crazy in the last few weeks...need to catch up with family and friends.
Haven't used gmail chat or anything like it for more than 10 min for 2-3 months I think.
First there was Chaos, the cultural fest, then Leverage 2009- a VC/PE conference and exams this week.
I need a serious reconnection. Looking forward to the 3 day break next week to do some of that.

On the other hand, got into IIMA's Media Cell- will be in charge of Media activities for Chaos 2010.
Chitranshu is heading the team. Looking forward to being a part of this major effort. Will also try to keep updating this blog more frequently. Given the motivation levels to do anything after trying to just keep up with the activity around me, that will be a major effort too.

For a fun and exciting description of how messed up life can get at IIMA, refer to Kaka (dorm senior, batch of 2005-07).


Bastet said...

Same here. IISc has succeeded in getting me de-addicted from gtalk! Used to use it for an hr daily in 2007, haven't used for 1 hr totally in the last 6 months!