Monday, March 30, 2009

4 days,
7 papers,
. the first year at IIM A is about to end.
Might blog between the exams...else, see you at the finish line.
This does express how most, if not all of us, might feel 4 days from now.

"The last few days, I felt like a prisoner of war, inching towards the border inch by inch. Today is the moment when I've just crossed that line, the line which represents liberation. Freedom !"


AC said...

The first taste of tucchadom is sweeeet :) Just wait until your facchas trickle in in June, and you have to guide those young, hapless souls through the maze of WIMWI life... it's an amazing feeling to have grown so much and to be in a position to help the facchas through the rite of passge that is the first year.

Bastet said...

But currently, muggo fachho maggo :D[get to say tht for a couple more days :)]