Friday, August 15, 2008

Branded for Life

A t-shirt commonly seen on campus reads:
Having felt the lack of a strong brand behind me for a long time, I am now getting what is probably India's biggest brands behind my name.
The alum network is wonderful, the profs and facilities are great if not world class.
The placements are out of the world, the companies sell themselves to us.
The branding goes to the extent that we get an insti email ID for life...our own connection to this place forever.
We even get our own visiting cards that will have my name, contact details and say
' Student, PGP 2008-2010'.
As always with 'branding' its the initial act of branding that hurts, that burns the's called PGP-I at IIMA.


Bastet said...

true... just hope the branding doesn't leave scars.. And for the burns, we have burnol :)