Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We're halfway through slot 2 and the dreaded 'short' quizzes are in 'short' supply.
Guess there is going to be a lot of them in the business end of the slot.
Olympics are over and India won a gold medal!!
FRA is becoming more interesting and less mechanical...trying to figure out ppl doing FRA-ud is better than trying to figure out where the sheet is unbalanced.
Marketing is something I don't particularly understand but the need for non-linear thinking and Prof. Koshy's exhortation to "zameen pe aa jao" are interesting.
The insights from the class are great...you literally have to get into the customer's head and think like him...something I'm not at all good at.
A gem from his class:
" Whenever you are trying to take an important decision, look in the right place."
Going home this weekend and participating in Nihilanth.


Bastet said...

today, at the lunch table, Ashwini was discussing about Manu shaastra and how Manu describes the process by which a Man should choose his wife. Manu apparently says "Do not marry a woman with fair hair" n, also stresses on some other physical attributes of the bride to be . I told him that Manu was also just telling men "to look in the right place" :D