Thursday, September 11, 2008

slot 2

Slot 2 is about to end...2 more days of classes...6 more lectures.
then the end slot exams. never realized how this slot flew past me.
hope to do well in the exams and be more regular in writing this blog.

lots of things on my mind goals,
life goals, other things like how can you differentiate between so many talented ppl
and what happens to those who are unlucky enough to not make the cutoff ever,
even if they are as good as the ones who got selected.
and what happens to those who got selected and have to manage all kinds of extra currics with the
TREMENDOUS load that IIMA puts in terms of acads.

and why the case method???...maybe I will get my answers some day...'blowing in WIMWI's wind'

P.S: I went from Mumbai, where it rains cats, dogs and the rest of the zoo, to Bangalore where it rains ...let's say less (to prevent beating from some1 who always gets caught in the rains) to ahmedabad where it has rained exactly 7 min in the last 3 weeks if I remember correctly.
Where to next...Kalahari I guess.


Bastet said...

True!! Feels like it was just yesterday when u finished slot 1 n went to mumbai... to be followed by t-nites n all :) how fast time flies!!

P.S. It rains 'enough' here, not 'less' :P You need to see the rivers on the road :P 'lesser' than Mumbai, yes, but not 'less' :P