Saturday, September 27, 2008

A week gone in slot 3 and I am already feeling exhausted. Mugging for classes, preparing CVs and attending PPTs leaves very little time to relax and consider all that is happening around me.
I-banking as an industry is no more...don't know where in the scheme of things I will fit in. What I will do for the next yr and a half and where I will go after that.

While studying for the Microeconomics exam, which was 2 days after Lehman filed for Chapter 11, I had an epi-funny (was funny to me...atleast at that time).
"There is a market for lemons, but no market for Lehmans".

The competitive nature of everyone here came to the fore when the interest survey for AT Kearney was filled in literally a couple of minutes. With most of the major banks out, consults are and have been for the last year or so the hottest items. I registered my vote at 10.05 pm I think and I was too late to get into an audience of about 80 PGP-1s. Lesson learnt...these days my interest is registered within 5 seconds of the survey opening whether the survey is FCFS or not.
Placecom doing a great job...keep it up guys!

A senior gave really good advice,"It doesn't matter where and what you do in summers...what matters in the end is how well liked you are by people." Hopefully that is true.


Bastet said...

true... all the best!! [:)]